Faith N Fertility

Welcome and thanks for your interest in Faith N Fertility,
We hope that we can become a part of your family journey and inspire you to pursue your dreams.  Whether you have never had a child, or are experiencing secondary infertility. We want to encourage you to join alongside the many women who share this common thread.  Our message is "You are not alone!"  
We have proven that as you begin to open up about your struggles; others will be drawn to share their stories as well.  In hopes of creating a new voice for infertility & pregnancy loss, we have created a community.  We hope to support you, pray for you, and be a witness to the many extraordinary things that are yet to come in your life.
Thank you for joining us and making our own personal losses turn into something beautiful!
 What is FNF?
FNF was born out of 2 separate & personal family experiences of infertility.  Logan Mynatt & Amy Schlichter have joined together to remove the social stigma of keeping infertility & pregnancy loss a private and untold struggle; and transforming it into a beautiful story of life, love, and loss. 

From a combined 25+ yrs of involvement in the infertile community, they are offering knowledge & compassion to those who are seeking a common connection. FNF is built on the combination of a strong faith in Jesus and a passion for creating families.  They strive to inspire and aid each individual as they follow their dreams and advance in their journey.  They are faithful to pray and seek wisdom as they continue to comfort & contribute to the pains of hurting families.

Their theme is "Deep calls to Deep" in context that they understand your pain, and know that through faith & friendship God will bring joy amongst any heartache.

They impress on the hearts of others to have a voice about what God has done in their lives...speaking out encouragement and creating a circle of strength in adversity. 

Ultimately the goal is to turn every passion, every hurt, every set-back, every joy that is involved in the roller coaster of life back to the source of hope and freedom.  Giving God the glory for times of joy and times of sadness, and directing others to praise Him when it's easy and when it's really tough. 

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