About Amy

Amy Schlichter is the Co-Founder of Faith N Fertility, the encouraging & intimate support movement for infertility and pregnancy loss.   She is a wife of 15 years and mother to 5 living children, and 14 heavenly babies. She has challenged women to have a "voice" during the difficulties of achieving pregnancy.  She also writes and speaks on parenthood, raising special needs kids, growing deeper with God, gaining faith in times of heartache, and willingly shares her testimony of salvation and triumph with others.
Through suffering she has been privileged to connect with women who have experiences in adoption, fertility treatments & diagnoses, pregnancy loss, secondary infertility, and spiritual reliance during adversity.  She writes in her blog,
speaking out to families that have acquired struggles and challenges them to connect with others.  She also writes & teaches about being a women of God and raising kids to have foundational truth in Jesus Christ.

Her passion is to allow hurting families to have a voice, to openly grieve children of loss regardless of their age, and to demonstrate that the power of God's love can comfort all forms of suffering, bringing freedom and joy into the darkest of places.  Her goal is to inspire women to testify what God has done in their lives, passing on the message that God really loves you, God really hears you, and God never lies. 
Her personal hobbies are reading, writing, speaking, & spending time with her family.
When asked about the past journey of her family she states, "I knew that I was to be the mother of many, so I pursued seeking my children in whatever way the Lord led me.  

Her message encourages women to never give up on what God has promised you, trust Him in all things, and be thankful always...especially when things get tough.  She says, "That's when God really shows off His muscles and rescues you, just like the gentleman He is."