Thursday, October 15, 2015

Standing in "Bommit"

"Is this poop on the floor?  Or vomit?"

I asked with deep fear....seriously asked.

10 years of medical experience..wiping butts, changing diapers, serving medications, feeding tubes, working as a CNA, a Direct Care Trainer for the handicapped, and a Phlebotomist and I truly could not distinguish what this substance was all over my bathroom floor.  I had no clue.

I yelled a bit louder, my words somewhat sharper-
"Is. This. Poop. Or. Vomit??"

The deep wrinkles in my forehead became deeper...I just needed a solid answer!

Both boys were standing nearby looking at me with anticipation of my next move.
One of them decides to approach with bravery and full sincerity.
He steps forward and looks at me with a stone cold expression.
With no doubt in his words and as if to console me he says with tender eyes, "It's bommit Mommy," he pauses and says in a somewhat sadder tone...."it's bommit."

Have you ever stood among something and wasn't quite sure what you were dealing with?  Sometimes you just can't determine what kind of mess you are standing in.  Sometimes you need someone who has wisdom that you don't, to step up and tenderly tell you what kind of stinky mess you are in the middle of.  Sometimes you need a special kind of friend to just stand there with you.

With their nose plugged with cotton, that friend will be the one to hang out when things are going good & when also when things are covered in "bommit."

My son, however, didn't stick around to do cleanup duty, he instead walked around demonstrating to his brother how he had chewed up his sandwich bit by bit and spit it all over the bathroom floor.  :)

Good friends are an adornment & when you get a few that will stand among the muck with you, hang on to them as they are your greatest investment.

I hope you are all blessed today!  Thanks for visiting my page and  please consider linking up your posts below to share with other readers. 
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Book Reviews

Today I wanted to share with you some recent books I have read.

The first one is The 30 Day Praise Challenge for Parents by Becky Harling.

This book is really a practical guide to being a great encouragement to your children. It lays out prayers, scripture, and content in a way that forms a nice solid book that I can just throw in my purse/bag and take along wherever I go. It has a quick daily challenge, that has you praying & interceding on behalf of your child within moments.

I love that it helps me put into words what I am really wanting for my children!

There are sometimes book that you just keep around for a long period of time, referring back to it over years.  This would be one of them!

I received my book through the generosity of The Blog Spot & The Blythe Daniel Agency

The second book is The Dating Manifesto: A Drama-Free Plan for Pursuing Marriage with Purpose by Lisa Anderson

From the trendy cover to the sincerely raw material inside this book, it is a complete package!

Even as a married women, I found it to be a great resource presented with a flare.  For those that are un-married though, this book is a must have especially in today's culture.  

A laugh out loud attitude, twined together with solid truth makes for a great read.  It a compilation of fantastic counsel for single people.  Take this advice, if you are wanting to approach dating with a fresh outlook and with integrity, check this book out.  It will have you cracking up and erupting your heart with wisdom at the same time.

I currently have my eyes peeled on who I can give this book to.
Great job Lisa Anderson! 

I also received this book through the generosity of The Blog Spot & The Blythe Daniel Agency

The last book I want to share with you is America the Strong: Conservative Ideas to Spark the Next Generation by William J. Bennett and John T.E. Cribb

I give this a strong 5 stars!

The entire book is a generous picture of what and who America really is.

The Writers hit on major subjects including free enterprise, limited government, individual liberty, national defense, & traditional values. They break each subject down in detail, explaining what it is, what it means, and the conservative vision for our country through each one of these avenues.

It's a great resource that explains what Conservatism means and why it is a authentic and solid approach to the design and integrity of this country. It shows us the foundation on why this country has been so prosperous and the importance of keeping the character of America intact.
The Author have the wisdom and precise words to share to explain the dynamics of conservative morals in such a way that it teaches you from the ground-level.

For me, this book was a learning experience. I now know why I believe the way I do and support it with much greater passion.

The Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for review.