Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pray for me

Have you ever asked someone if you could pray for them say..
"Nah, I'm good!"

That's happened quite a bit lately.
I've seen it personally and watched it from afar.
God fearing people saying, "I don't have anything I need prayer for, thanks anyway."

Give me some of that water!  That drink of I never have another need, I'm totally desires, no wants, no empty spaces.  That water!!

Wait a minute...I do have that water, and His name is Jesus!

Why would anyone ever reject a divine conversation to the Father by someone who is willing to spend their own time to plead on their behalf??  It makes no sense to me.

I've heard that we are a praying people.
I hear utters of it all the time but I don't see it.

Someone will tell of a hardship and others respond by saying "praying for ya."  There is big talk that everyone goes home and lays on their face and prays for everyone else.  I don't know if I'm living in a fantasy, but I dare to say that I don't believe it.  I don't believe most of them pray.  I betcha many of them forget or throw up a, "Dear God, be with so and so..."  Broad prayers likes that mean about as much as an empty promise to pray.

I know that sounds harsh, but seriously Church!!

Asking God to "be with someone" is well kinda silly...if we know anything about Him, we already know that He is with them.  The intensity of a prayer depends on how willing you are to put yourself in the other persons place for that moment.  Pleading, begging, asking, hoping, praising God.

That's what friends do.
That's what Christians do.
That's what we need.

Changing your prayer life really requires 2 steps:
1. Do it
2. Mean it.

Instead of waiting to pray, pray right there.  Pray while on the phone, in the store, or wherever you may be with this person.  Scripture says that whenever someone has a need, don't send them away and tell them they can have it available for them now!

Then, when you do pray, do it in a way that this person's life depends on it.
Well, cause it really does..
Whatever you petition for will alter, change, and bring a powerful intercession over the situation and details of their need.  Things change when you pray, so..pray for that change with everything you have.

If someone asks you next time what you need prayer for make sure you give them a specific thing so that they can be personal in their prayer for you.

So...What do you need prayer for today?

If you leave it in my comments or message me personally, I promise to pray for you as I would want you to pray for me!
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