Thursday, August 6, 2015

At What Price? by s.a. Morgan #LookingUp 7

Thank you Amy for allowing me to share my thoughts, and my poem on this very difficult topic
with you, your friends, and your readers. 

This is a polarizing subject and many will not share or appreciate my point of view, nor will they be happy with the message in my poem… so be it!

How do I write my poems; where do I get my inspirations from? It's different every time.
Sometimes it's a beautiful place or an interesting person; it could be a photograph, or maybe,
a single word… or two… or three!

One word:   'Abortion'
Two words:   'Planned Parenthood'
Three words:   'Selling fetus parts'

Shall I go on, or can you see something wrong with this picture? Well I did… and I DO!

I don't believe in abortion, period. But I also do not believe that it is up to me to judge someone
else on their choices; that's God's department. What I would be happy to sit in a court of law
and pass judgement on is, the deplorable act of SELLING for profit, human baby fetus parts, or
any human parts for that matter.

When I originally heard about this travesty, I was speechless.  I'm not any more.
The attached photos are of human fetuses that are both developed to 11 weeks...
Which one pleases you?
Which one makes you smile?
Which one makes your heart feel all warm and fuzzy?
Which one will grow up and say, "I love you"?

Two words, 8 letters each; change only 2 of those letters and you get-
Two completely different outcomes:
               (click to enlarge poem)
 Thank you for taking the time to read this..I know this poem may have created feelings that make you uncomfortable.  You may even feel that it's un-called for, or over-dramatized.  I may lose readers because of this post & continue to get nasty comments due to my stand against abortion & the newest claims against Planned Parenthood.  I understand we don't all see things the same way, I love you either way.
People have always been divided on issues such as this; I know this will be no different.  If you can see my heart in the things I post, I pray that you will stick around and continue to visit me each week.  Please link up if you have a favorite post you would like to share below by going to the link up tab.  I would love to encourage you to keep reading & keep writing!

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