Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Who He says you are...

For years the world labeled me as a women of infertility, hopelessness, and loss.
I am grateful that I don't get my identity from the world or those in it, but rather by the Lord.
Even though I battled for years of heartache and have many children I have yet to hold, the Lord has told me something different.

He says that I have become a warrior.

He says I do good in battle.

He says I'm the mother of many.

He says I'm not to be consumed by sadness.

He says I am to be drenched with joy.

He gets final say on what I am and what I will become.

What has the world told you?
Did they define who you are and what your future holds?

If so, take time to ask God what He has for you. Who better to inquire than God Himself.  I am most assured that you have great worth and a prosperous future right before you!

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