Monday, April 6, 2015

The snapshot of a man

This is my grandfather, a snapshot of a man in his prime of life.
He was just living moment by moment like all of us are doing today..

He had no idea that out of his children, he would have only one son that would be a intricate part of bringing his entire family to Jesus.

That little boy never knew that when he got older he would meet this cowgirl!

And marry her...

I'm sure they never imagined that one day he would have a traumatic brain injury that would leave him much like a child again.

And that their girls would go through great loss early in their lives.

They suffered the loss of a father they would never see again, and the introduction of another father.  A man who went by the same name but due to trauma would never be the same Dad they knew.

And they would grow up...

One of the girls would chase rebellion and fight authority but later run into a farm boy and fall in love.

She eventually lays down her anger and sadness & turns to the God who created her.

They never imagined the things they would go through in their married life and the journey they would travel to have children.

But they endure.

Their children live moment by moment never imagining the future that is waiting for them as well; as the cycle continues..

Although you can not see fully the legacy you are creating, or the story you are writing, it is happening moment by moment right before your eyes and will be nothing as you could of ever dreamed!

In memory of my father, who although was never the same, he was more then I could of imagined in a Dad.  He entered a coma as an unbeliever and awoke as a follower of Christ.  His prayers for me brought rescue, salvation, and grace for my broken heart.

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