Saturday, April 4, 2015

Getting back to the basics

Do you ever feel like you need to be reminded of  the basics?
They are foundational to performing every task, the most known things but sometimes forgotton.

For example, the basics of baking any recipe and creating something that tastes somewhat appetizing are...

1. Measure.
2. Use exact ingredients.
3. Follow the directions.

If you don't follow these basic steps in cooking, you can easily have a mess in the kitchen.

Another example is potty training, these basics will make things a tad easier for you & your toddler.

1. Always keep the potty chair in the bathroom or you may find it with the toys.
2. Poop always gets transferred to the toilet after the potty chair gets soiled.
3. Consistency is key, find a routine.

Obviously, if there isn't some basics here that are followed, it could cause a stinky mess.

In our daily walk with Christ, we must not set aside our Christian basics...

When things get rough it is always the these things that we must remember; such as...

1. God is good all of the time...all of the time.
2. He hears you when you speak to Him, whether this is with your mouth or your heart.
3. You are never alone, even on the loneliest of days.
4. You are your worst enemy, the battle that rages in your heart can be won!
5. The Spirit of God is real and cares deeply for you and your future.
6. The Word of God is true, never false, never a fairytale.
7. Jesus can be trusted and is victorious in all things even when it may look like He isn't.

It's very much like watching my pre-schooler color a picture, the colors are enough for him.  He is still fascinated that when he touches color to paper it creates something unique and cool.  He isn't worried about staying in the lines or what others will think of his artwork when they see it.  He is only in awe about the basic skill and how remarkable it really is.

I encourage you to look past the details today and only focus on the basic truths of the One who loves you.

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