Saturday, March 28, 2015

Who's your man of valor?

The standoff at the Battle of Elah must have been intense. With David approaching Goliath with a heart of courage & fervent love for his people, the moment was monumental. The men of Israel must have watched intently as the duel came into position.

The common practice in ancient times to avoid high loss in war, was to offer a "stand-off." Two men of valor were chosen to fight, and the defeated soldiers' people would become servants to the victor and his people. This would be the agreement that the armies accepted prior to the battle.

This method still stands today...

As you enter into your life battles you will also get to chose a man of valor to stand in your place. Someone who can represent you in not only a fighting stance, but one who loves you and would willingly die for you. Someone who will approach your enemy with courage and not waver from position.

When you face the giant, step aside..

Jesus just happens to have victory over all His battles, and He is waiting in the valley to fight on your behalf.

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