Friday, March 27, 2015

Sweatbands & Stretches...getting geared up!

The Gym..Today's experience was another first timer.

You have to understand that I have NEVER been athletic!

The one time I tried to play basketball on a team, I took the ball down the court the wrong way...all the way, and missed the shot at the wrong basket.  Yikes!  It wasn't like I was nervous from the defense, because they were all at the other end of the court wondering what I was doing.  How can a person be in practice for months and during the game, not have any concept of the entire games strategy...that's me!

Once I signed up to be a lifeguard, during the tryouts we had to accomplish several tasks such as treading in water and doing different strokes the length of the pool.  After nearly dying and sinking to the bottom with a 10lb weight in the deep end, I decided to practice on my treading later, and do laps.  During the lap exercise we were to go down with a back stroke and return using a side stroke.  I thought how hard could it be?

The back stroke seemed quite relaxing actually but after some time I wondered why I hadn't made it to the edge yet.  I decided to take a peek around and noticed that not only was everyone already finished, but I was facing the wrong way and had been apparently doing a circle stroke instead.  There were many laughs from bystanders to say it nicely, the next day I ditched class and figured the sun tanned look of the regal lifeguard wasn't for me.

That should paint a decent picture of my athletic abilities, it's not pretty, and it's never got any better.

Today, I went to the gym and decided to jump into a spinning class.  It looked so fun with the music going and people high-fiving..I wanted to be a part.

The first moments were intense, and we wasn't even riding yet.

I looked around and saw a few things that caused me to sweat a bit.  A older lady was popping and stretching her hands, she literally picked up her bike and moved it into a new position...this lady was serious.  A few girls pulled out towels, headbands, positioned their seats, and tightened their shoe laces... my idea of going for a spin just turned into racing up hill using all the force you have in your body.

I started to think I may be in trouble, we haven't even started and my butt hurt from the seat.  Did I mention I haven't been on a bike in about 3 years?

All I thought about during the ride was that I wasn't ready.  I needed my water, a towel, a tissue, candy bar..anything!

Gearing up for life can be the same way.

You can easily find yourself facing something that looks, feels, and smells like it's just too much for you.  Reading the Word every day and making it a priority is something that is hard for me, but I know that it is the only way to make sure that I have what I need.  Everything that comes your way can be handled at it's best if you are ready.  Being ready and staying ready is what you must do, and there is no other way to do it then to be equipped through the Word of God.

So, tighten up your shoe-laces and slip on that neon head band... it's time to gear up!
Make new goals and press on through, every time you download the Word of God, you become stronger with more perseverance!  You will need this in order to finish well!

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