Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Racing back to the One I tend to forget

O Seek me out,
Force my surrender.
Humble me face to face,
Let me never be the same.

Make my allegiance be Yours alone,
and may I never desert You.
Break me completely apart,
Rip away my distractions & burn my idleness forever.
Jan. 28th, 2014

I'm not sure what was going on the day I wrote that in my journal, but I sure do recognize that cry of my heart.  I've felt it many times.

A yearning for more of God to enter my life..enter my mind. 

There are days when the Lord is the first thought of my morning and the night-time consists of Him even as I sleep.  Then there are days when I find myself having prayer at dinner and it reminds me that I haven't thought of Him all day...and that breaks my heart.  How could I ever do that, How could I forget Him all day long?

I wondered if I was that foolish, that I could just slide along hour to hour without a glimpse of Him in my heart, after all I have received from Him.  I so much desire to have wisdom & discernment, how could I be so careless?  Then I remembered that I come from a long line of forgetful people.  From the beginning of time man has continued to forget the love & generosity that he has received from God.

From Adam to the end of time, it will always be our greatest failure.  We go to bed often and wake up not remembering the intense greatness and goodness of God.  When things are good, we tend to not think about how He has showed up, rescued, and stayed faithful to us.  We have become a forgetful people, a forgetful nation, and literally a forgetful created ball of life that continues to live due to the loyalty of a blessed forgotten Creator.

I am thankful of reminders, that even though I can allow God to slip out of my mind, the world is painted with remnants of Him everywhere.  I eagerly, when reminded, race back to where He is.  The loss you feel of not interacting with Him in the course of even hours, makes you wonder what all you missed that He had to offer, even in that short amount of time.

If you find yourself not dwelling on God, and moving on throughout your day without Him, please know that you are missing out on something key, something critical.  What He has for you as you hang out with Him is vital to the next day, and to the next.  It's a element you don't want to miss out on or take for granted.  It's a valuable piece of who you are that you need from the One who knows you best.  

I continue to want what I wrote in my journal last year, although my foolishness or forgetfulness can interrupt that.  But even though, our God hears my hearts cry, your hearts cry!  Our deepest desires circle His throne day and night, even when He is the furthest thing from our minds.  I tell you the truth when I say, there is nothing that holds more worth then the relationship you have with God and for nothing is there a fair exchange.  

Clinch tight to it daily and when you do forget, 
race back.

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