Friday, March 27, 2015

Guest Blogger/Poet, Samantha Morgan, shares insight into the infertility arena in poetic form

Today's guest blogger comes to you in poetic fashion.  s.a. Morgan has done several works that have moved my heart.  Shortly after we become online friends, she sent me this piece.  I am very excited about sharing it with my online community.  Her descriptions come in a beautiful form of art.

The story behind the poem:

I was going through posts on my web page just a few days back, looking to see who had visited and 'liked' what I posted. When I do this I will usually click on them and take a quick look at who they are and what they like to post, in an effort to weed out any undesirables. A lady named Amy was one of those persons who had visited me, so I checked her out. Immediately I decided that she would probably be 'safe' because of her obvious devotion to God, my same, and the only God. Amongst her postings was a slurry of things about babies, adoption, infertility, miscarriages, surrogacy, sadness and faith, with an emphasis on FAITH. Wow. All this, in a 45 second scan of her Tsu page.

Now before I go further, you should know that ANY thing can trigger a poetic response from me… I have no control over what my brain does. Which then explains how my heart and mind responded to this simple drawing that Amy had posted:


Immediately, the words of a sentence entered my head, it's what I refer to as my, "holy hit" moment, and I had to stop and write it down before I lost it. But I didn't just write down the first line, I kept writing and writing, and all of a sudden it was there, the entire poem had just spilled out on the page in about half an hour. I was astounded and in tears.

I got up to clear my head, then poured another cup of coffee and sat back down to read Amy's blog. I didn't get far. I saw how many times she had tried to have her own baby, and I realized why my words had come so quickly… God had written that poem through me. And I cried.

I was moved to reach out to Amy and I am so pleased that she responded favorably and accepted my online 'friendship'. 

Here is that poem: 

(If it's too small, please click to expand)


You can see more work from s.a. Morgan at