Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dancing outside with a fistfull of weeds, well...not really.

This picture is of me, well...not really, but kinda.  

It displays everything I am feeling right now as I sit here in silence. 

This is the first day is what feels like days upon days that my kids are able to go outside, by themselves, and play.  Granted, there is still snow on the ground, and they do have runny noses, but they have been out there for about 15 minutes and are doing great!  And, I am doing great! 

I'm watching proudly from the window as they bypass 6in of mud covering nearly every spot in our yard, and we are all smiling!  They are happy with their short-lived freedom and sense of adventure; and I am smiling as I sip hot coffee and sit here in my pj's.  Ah....this feels like the beginning of something really nice.  :)

I all of a sudden feel like praying forth dandelions for a ground cover and buggy flies for my window screens.  

Thank you all for reading my posts and liking my FB page (  )  I am finally ready to do something with my craving to write; for years and years I made every excuse in the world to not do what I knew God wanted me to do.  Sad, but true, I am now letting go of my fears and letting God lead me on.

I'm really glad I have a group of people to cheer for me,
Happy Spring thoughts!!