Monday, February 16, 2015

Sisterly Love

This is my 3 year old SON!
In his short time on earth he has currently played the role of every animal imaginable, a princess, baby, pirate, pioneer, queen & king, rock star, biblical characters, Indian, pilgrim, and the list goes on!
On this day, he was Amish.
Let me rephrase that, he was an Amish girl.
As picture worth and cute that this was, I'm sure there will be a day when he sees it and thinks, "what in the world!"

His name was "Martha" and his sister had a ball pretending that she had a sister instead of a brother....4 brothers at that.  I can't blame her too much but I'm sure the time will come when Martha will throw off her bonnet and say enough is enough.

But until then, his sister will make sure he learns his ballerina moves and can hang with the best of girls :)

Pretend play is always good with a big sister, what she doesn't know quite yet is that someday this little boy will grow up to be the one who watches over her.

Just wanted to share the beauty of childhood today and remind myself that life moves by so fast.

Have a blessed day!
From our family, including Liam