Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Recently we downsized our bed from a king to a queen. Everyone thought we were crazy to give up that much leg room; but I was ready for the change. Sleeping in a king bed gives you many luxuries; more room, extra pillows, & it's great for movie night as everyone piles into Mom & Dad's bed.  The problem with all of that is that our bedroom is tiny.

I could say we have a small bedroom, but it would not be completely is tiny!
With a king bed taking up the entire room, it makes it no less then a hassle to maneuver around this huge piece of furniture. Over lots of consideration; we took it out & exchanged it for a nice regular sized bed. The extra 2 ft of space in our room makes my imagination go wild with what we could do with it.

Getting accustomed to our new arrangement has been quite a task. Not only does it limit our personal space, it doesn't provide extra space for kids, dogs, pillows. It seems my neck always has a kink & I sleep with one eye open due to discomfort. It has not been ideal by any means. It feels as though I never get any sleep. I wake before the rest of the family just to wander downstairs to sneak off to sleep in the chair. I'm like a nomad walking around looking for a place to lay my head that may provide some comfort. A one-eyed, kinked neck nomad with a mission for rest!

Have you ever felt like this; like you are exhausted..never given a chance for catch-up. One busy thing after another, task after task, chore after chore, call after call, text after text, and the list goes one. Our chalkboard brains are filled with marks, lists, reminders, and deadlines. Will it ever stop?? Will I ever get some rest? Could you sleep standing up or just shut your eyes anywhere and drift away easily? If so, I totally get it!

Once I get to a certain point of tiredness, my heart reminds my body that I'm most likely thinking of the wrong things. Oswald Chambers says in his book, My Utmost for His Highest..."You have no right to complain, "O Lord, I am so exhausted."  He saved and sanctified you to exhaust you.  Be exhausted for God, but remember that He is your supply. "All my springs are in you" (Psalm 87:7).
I read this again this morning and thought about how true it was.  How can I complain that I'm exhausted or tired if I'm working for Him? 

First we must examine our roles of service; and get rid of anything that does not fit into the campaign.  Meaning..I say "yes" to almost everything, but I should  only be doing certain things and doing them well, bringing glory to God.  The other things that I delve into are just robbing me of time and talent, and causing me to be more tired then I need to be.  Don't get me wrong, good things can exhaust you just as well.  You can be on track and in the specific will of God, doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing and doing it well...and be tired.

The solution to this is not forgetting who is the source of your service.  Replenish your supply, be tapped into your employer...don't forget to seek God first.  Look to your foundation for strength, endurance, and most definitely rest. Whenever I am running the "rat race" as it sometimes is called, I forget to look to God.  I'm looking to the grocery list, Dr appointments, and dirty house...I look to phone calls, Internet media, or the many other things that like to over-run my day.  But, if I capture a moment of reminder, and stop for a second...shut my eyes, and imagine myself with the Lord.  If I choose to take just a portion of a moment to be with Him, the whole day starts to shift.  Something seems to happen, the layout of everything ahead of me transforms.  It all settles into a grove and works itself out.

Tap into the source, He will instantly line your back up into good posture.  It will set you straight, and give you what you need to get through this day.  Tomorrow is busy, and has troubles of its own.  Today is now and soon to be overwhelming.  Stop what you are doing before it gets the best of you, and just usher yourself to focus on the One thing that really matters.  Rest will be sure to follow.