Monday, February 16, 2015


I cannot capitalize the word OVERWHELMED big enough or make it as bold & defined as it feels in my life right now.  It came instantly when my plans turned a different course today.

Just trucking along and then WHAM!  There it is, you spin around and end a bit dizzy.  You reach out to maintain some balance when you slip and fall and someone always sees you do it.  Someone always turns away from the scene with the impression that you are insignificant.  And for some reason you start to care what they think of you.

With your muddy knees and bruised appearance, you begin to doubt everything you were doing prior to your stupid incident.

The path you were on with cheerleaders & team-players, the determined path with play lists and details that made sense turns into something else.

It turns into lonely.

I thought I knew for sure.
I thought it was figured out.
I thought we had a way.

Tell me you can relate to this!!  Tell me that I'm not the only one who feels alone in times of loneliness.

Last night I was reading a book to the kids, teaching them the power behind praising God in the troubled times of life.  Allowing it to not only be a great response to the pains the world offers, but being the initial response to it.  The first response.  The only response, and the GREAT response that brings power back into a fallen down muddy mess of a situation.

Today I got my chance to demonstrate that.
I failed, then I praised, then I cried, then I failed, then I got distracted, then I stared off, then I praised, then I failed, and on and on.

I posted on Facebook, which I hate doing, asking for prayer.  As simple as that, "I could really use some prayer" and the response I got was overwhelming.  Something happened every time my computer would ding with a message saying, "we are praying..we got you over here...I'm on it...praying right now."  With every single one, my faith got a little more intact.

Before long I picked myself right up.  I figure its OK if I fall down.  Its nothing I cant get up from especially when I have a bunch of "pick me up" prayer warriors saying my name to the Lord!!

So I scrapped off some of the mud from my jeans, slipped on my kickers, and decided what the heck...lets get moving!  I picked up my plans and started moving forward again, this time I left my play list behind and decided I'm just gonna play it by ear.  The road I'm traveling doesn't have alot of people on it to cheer me on but just because they are not right beside me doesn't mean they wont be waiting at the finish line to bust a move when I finish!

Off we go...
A little scared, but trudging on.  One step at a time and practicing my praise on the way!