Thursday, February 5, 2015

Are you kidding me

There is not many things cuter then goat kids. To those that are not accustomed to farm life; just take a look a this picture.

I'm not kidding...(pun intended) They are stinking a-dor-a-ble!
They are soft, friendly, and like little puppies.

Last night, our doe had triplets! 3 beautiful babies all dried off and clean when we checked on her, standing there bright eyed and ready for adventure! We were so elated; triplets! We called and told the good news to family members as if we just had the stork show up and drop off our own babies.
These 2 little does and 1 bold buckling were born in the straw, in our shadowy barn, in the middle of the evening, on the coldest night of the year! And they were happy! We were happy!

With infertility you see the same kind of environmental scenario happen day after day, time and time again.

Babies are born in the harshest of elements.

Women who are promiscuous, alcoholics, addicts, and non-compassionate give birth every day. Some would like to change, others are fine with where they are and don't have any need for a newborn.

It's on the news, plaguing our eyes..everywhere we turn we hear of babies found in toilets, trashcans, and dumpsters. Babies non-wanted by their mothers, fathers, and entire families.  Babies that are a burden.

I often don't hear of women who are snorting coke, shooting heroine, or everyday drinkers complain about their bout of infertility. The complaining is usually more about them being pregnant and not wanting to be.

You ever feel like the stork made the wrong stop? Visited the wrong house? The wrong family?

Remembering that God's plan is THE PLAN, is the only way to understand what is happening in the next generation. Knowing that He sees all things shouldn't make you questions why He allows such things to happen; it should comfort you in the truth, that He is the Judge and He will make things right. He will call to himself all the needy, poor, and burdened. He will make all paths straight. He sees every single pain and will bring about justice. He has it under control. There is no plan devised by man that would be more effective then the method & system that God has handling the hurts of this world.

Today we will love on our new goat kids in their first day of life; at the same time we will trust in the Lord with the pains going on outside our happy barn life, and know that He is the man for the job!