Friday, August 15, 2014

Times like these

Do you ever feel like everything in life is a bit on the bumpy side, a bit out of control?

Your future is floating along, nothing is concrete?

Must feel a bit lost at times, a road unestablished.

A bird flew into my house today, right through the back door that was left open and into my living room.  It fluttered right over my head and bolted into a window nearby.
Banging its tiny face on the pane, I felt pity on, as I crawled through the house, I opened my windows wide, one by one,  in hopes that he would find his exit.  A bit comical to watch, I'm sure.

My brave 2 yr. old trudged through the chaos pointing to each spot the bird would land as I let out a squeal and shut my eyes when it traveled overhead.  He continued to have crash attempts till finally one of his journeys led him right out to freedom.

As I bang my head through this life looking for the right path, I can only hope I have someone who is like my little guy.  Someone who points and says, "I see you, and this is the way you should go!"  Life doesn't always line those "somebodies" up for us though.  Sometimes you may find yourself friendless in a sense that there just isn't anybody available for you at this time.  It sounds rough, but its true.  Sometimes you have battles you have to fight alone, free from human advise or leadership.
These are the times that require faith in the unseen and an increase in your hearing abilities.

Times like these are uncertain yet they encourage us to be a bit still and rely on the Lord to open the window for us and give us the perfect route to freedom.  Its true that you are never alone, yet sometimes your cant see a friend around for miles, but the love you have with the Lord obligates Him to remain intact to you, this being the only thing you have that is concrete.

The seasons that people come and go in your time will be many.  During hard times you may find people around that you never thought would be, and those that you expected to be close will be unavailable...have grace for this.  The Lord rises people up at certain times according to their time & talent, to come to you.  One thing that is established undoubtedly is that the Lord does not waver and his relationship to you is not seasonal, it is stationary, and it is forever.