Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fundraising RIGHT!

Our recent events have not only given us a sweet and precious little boy through adoption but have challenged us on how to be better parents and helped us focus on family in a way that we never have before.  Liam was born on 11/11/11 and proved to be the answer to prayer from the moment we met him.  At 3 weeks old we discovered many things that were diagnosed not "normal" and so we have been fighting against his diagnosis and prognosis ever since.  We have changed many things to create an environment for him that is the safest, cleanest, and healthiest for him and our "Ilana Myah Shortcake" :)

I stumbled across Norwex in January of this year and it has changed our lives dramatically.  I know it sounds like a sales pitch but it truly has and I only tell you about it for your benefit.  The products that they offer make it possible for you to stop cleaning with chemicals in your home.  Actually their mission statement is to "To improve the quality of life by drastically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning!"
I have found what they offer to be very true!  Chemicals found in the average home are linked to many serious diseases such as allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological abnormalities.  Many today believe that the extensive use of chemicals indoors contributes to the "modern" diseases such as asthma and autism.  Do you know our homes are 70% more toxic on the inside then out?  I just couldn't wrap my brain around this as I have a newborn infant laying in the middle of our home.

I decided that I was going to change my mindset.  I no longer use Bleach, Lysol, Windex, Pine Sol, Toilet cleaner, Bathroom cleaner, Pledge, soap, and body wash.  This means I no longer have to buy these things either.  I have tested Norwex for the last 4 weeks in my home to see if I truly am cleaning well.  My home is more free from bacteria, fungi, virus, molds, etc just by using water and no harsh chemicals...we are still in shocked mode!  I really want to share this with everyone, it makes total sense...its so life changing.  It saves us money, creates a healthy living space, its just a no brainer.  I cant see why anyone would say no especially after seeing it and watching the tests.

Ive decided to sell Norwex for our primary income. When Liam came home from the hospital with all his tubes and negative health reports we decided that I was going to stop all other activities I was involved in to focus on our family. Little did we know that my husbands job was ceasing slowly as well. When we met up with Norwex it just made sense to be involved in something that was changing lives and benefiting everyone who used it. I figured if we were going to start a business then it should be something that helps people instead of hindering them.

So many times our family has had to raise money for things that we wanted to do. We raised money to travel to Mexico with a bus load of clothes & toys for the kids at Casa De Elizabeth. We raised money to send Tanner on the 16 Days Ministry Journey with Kingdom Building Ministries. We all raised money and served in Guatemala for a life changing experience. We also been a part of raising funding for other organizations and other missionaries that were vibrant and daring to serve outside of their familiar zone. We have also done fundraisers, sent out letters of support, sold our personal items, and auctioned off belongings or donated items.  There are so many avenues to raising the funding that you need.

Ive decided to offer fundraising opportunities through Norwex for events, schools, businesses, ministries, and the average family trying to fund the goals they have.  My fundraising plan is generous and beneficial, it will be life changing to everyone who is involved, and quite interesting. I hope to help you raise the money you need to do the things that have been laid on your heart. Making a difference in life will make the difference in other peoples lives as well!

Want to arrange a Fundraiser for your school, family, or organization? 
Please contact me today!
I like to make fundraising simple and very profitable for everyone involved. Below are examples of two Norwex Fundraising Packages that sell well and are very profitable. You can choose from any items in the catalog to customize your very own packages as well or use the entire catalog.

SAMPLE PACKAGE 1: Cleaning Pack – includes:
 1 Antibac Dusting Mitt
 1 Antibac Enviro Cloth
 1 Antibac Window Cloth
This package sells for $46.99/package (plus tax).

You make 25% - that's $11.75 per package sold!
With  50  Cleaning Packs sold, you earn - $ 587.50
With 100 Cleaning Packs sold, you earn -$1,775.00
With 500 Cleaning Packs sold you earn - $5,875.00

SAMPLE PACKAGE 2: Rainbow Pack – includes:
                   1 Blue Antibac Enviro Cloth
                   1 Green Antibac Enviro Cloth
                   1 Red Antibac Enviro Cloth
                   1 Yellow Antibac Enviro Cloth
This package sells for $63.96/package (plus tax).

You make 25% - that's $15.99 per package sold!
With 50 Rainbow Packs sold, you earn -  $799.50
With 100 Rainbow Packs sold, you earn -$1,599.00
With 500 Rainbow Packs sold you earn - $7,995.00

How it works....
Once you have decided on the packages you want to offer, I will create a Norwex fundraising flier for you to distribute. Most fundraisers run for one to two weeks, but we can set whatever deadline you wish. At the end of your fundraiser I will collect all orders from you and process them. I will provide you with a written statement accounting for all orders, and a check for 25% of all sales. When the orders arrive (about a week after submission) I will either mail them to the head of the fundraiser or hand deliver them.  An additional 5% donation will be credited to your fundraising account from any home or catalog parties that are over $325 in sales and held within 90 days after the fundraiser.
HIGHEST SALES CONTEST....To encourage everyone to sell as much as possible, prizes will be awarded at the end of the fundraiser.

Highest Seller - receives the Enviro Cloth & Window Cloth Set 
2nd Highest Seller - receives the Dusting Mitt
3rd highest seller - receives the Kitchen cloth

Please pass this on to anyone that may be interested in raising money for their special cause!