Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Why is my baby brother so sick?"

"Why is my baby brother so sick?"  This was the question Ilana asked me first thing this morning.  The response I gave was not my own, I only assume that because I have been chewing on it all day long.  

I pulled an "all nighter" with Liam last night.  Now a days "all nighters" look a lot different then they did when I was younger.  I cant count the many times I tended to him..every time my head would lay down I was right back up again.  I'm not saying this to complain but to only give an expression of how restless little Liam sleeps as well.  Amongst the breathing treatment and med administration all through the hours, he has fits of choking, gagging, and vomiting.  His stomach tube makes it hard to get comfortable or to just have the freedom of picking him up and walking around the house with him without the accompanying of a backpack.  He cries with his wide eyes demanding help, asking with every expression he has for some relief.

Ive never seen such a sweet baby boy, with his coal black hair and big brown eyes.  He reminds me so much of our oldest, Tanner.  He fits into our family so perfect, he contains characteristics of everyone here.  He is the promise we have heard from God for so long.  We love him, we love him so crazy much that his "problems" are just that...problems.  They are not who he is or a definition of what he will be.  They are just mearly obstacles that desire a response from us.  They are a situational test of faith.

Everyday we tell Liam that he is healthy and smart, loved and wanted.  Everyday we watch him grow and continue to do new things.  Our hope is that his "problems" will be treated in a way that will give testimony to Gods love and the love He wants us to have in our families.

"Why is my baby brother so sick," She said...

Because that way Jesus can heal him.