Friday, November 4, 2011

Ilana's prayer

One major part of our newest blessing has yet to be shared on here.  As I cant contain my favorite part of this story in any I will fill ya in :)

Back in Feb. of this year I was pregnant via IVF and very excited at the possibility that this pregnancy was going to be different, this baby was going to live.  We prayed every day throughout the day for life and health, and  for everything to be just right.  Every night sweet Ilana would put her hand on mommy's tummy and pray, "Dear Lord, Please bless my brown brother or sister."  Chad and I would just look at each other with blank stares wondering how we were going to explain to her that this baby was not going to be brown like her.

In early April our baby died and telling Ilana was enough to make me madder then ever.  To feel hurt myself is one thing, but to imply it upon your child is so much harder.  Telling her was the saddest little moment, how she looked at us like we were lying and asking us over and over if it was true.  For days she would continue to pray over my belly the same prayer she had said before..."Dear Lord, Please bless my brown brother or sister!"  We would just look at each other again with sadness and heartbreak for her.  How would we get her to understand that it was just not possible?

Soon after when we were approached with the adoption of our soon to be baby, we began praying again.  Asking for health and safety.  "Elle", our birth mother, explained to me one day on the phone, after telling her Ilanas prayer, that she felt this whole thing was from God for a number of reasons. One very obvious one was that her baby was going to be BROWN.  We were ecstatic to say the least!  God answered the prayer of a little girl who wanted so badly for her sibling to be brown like her.  We were so pleased to be reminded that God loves us and cares about every detail. He loves for his daughters to ask Him of things and He really likes to show His mercy to us when we believe there is no possible way. 

We have 6 days till Ilana's brown brother arrives...
What a long road it has been and for him it was all worth it!

Love and prayers to you...Asking God on your behalf every single day!