Friday, August 19, 2011

My publication by Ilana

After learning that Mommy was doing a "publication" in the Swiss City Monthly; Ilana insisted that she type up her own publication today to tell everyone about herself.  Before I knew it she had Microsoft Word opened and was writing away.  I left some of her typos that the computer didnt catch and just thought I would share with you the heart of my little girl.

I   like    my      friends.      I      am     a       kid.          My         name     is   Ilana. I love god he is  in my heart and he is the  best.  And    I   like my birthday.  My birthday is in December 9th.  I love my grandma. When I was a baby I was excited to see my new mom and I was laughing. I like flowers and butterflies.  I am a kid that likes butterflies and flowers. And I like my neighbors. I see them in my mind when im sleeping. I use to play with my baby stuff and I love my brother when he comes. I play with farm stuff. I love tanner and daddy. When I grow up I want to be a ballerina andi love my whole entire family. And I am so so so pretty and my friend Katherine we don’t meet each other a lot but we still talk about her. I know that I next week I am going to see myah and I have a myah in my name too. I like my bedroom and I like to sleep on the floor. I really like our little puppy that’s black and white on his chest. And  mom   sings  at  nite  and  in morning I like to sing.