Thursday, June 23, 2011

Elle's 20 week ultrasound...ITS A WHAT????

Elle's 20 week ultrasound ended with a grand surprise...

As our nursery is lined with pink decor, pottery barn blankies, and super cute girly dresses it would just seem natural that our first ultrasound would announce the November arrival of a baby girl!  But....if you have know us in any time at all you would agree that "normal" doesn't define us :)  We are proud to share with you our video of a healthy & vibrant baby boy!!  As we kept calling him a "her" the ultrasound tech kindly whispers..."You might wanna start calling "her" a him :) " 

Here is our first views of this little man that I am convinced will be a inspiration & joy to everyone he meets!

Our voyage to babies has been defined slowly.  Each day God has showed me his deliverance from having trust in myself is key to a life of being free.  Once I can stop trying to engage myself to make my life what I want it; and start letting go to let God make it what He designed life becomes purposeful.  I keep giving things over to Him and simply saying.."If it was mine to worry about...I'd mess it up anyway; so take this thing/person/event and create something beautiful." We continue to pray about our future and our future children.  We are trusting God that His plan is much better then ours :)