Saturday, April 16, 2011

What if?

What if God means what He says?
What if God is really the same God He was 2000 years ago?
What if Gods Word is true?
What if Jesus was raised from the dead?
What if the Holy Spirit rushes throughout us creating power & miracles?
What is Jesus really does moan and groan on our behalf to the Father?
What if we really are alive in Christ?

If this is true then how can I justify laying in self pity?

Today I am refreshed and alive.  I refuse to believe that death awaits my baby.  I command the spirit of death of leave my family in the name of Jesus!
I have searched my heart and listened intently for God the last few days.  I am been waiting for the horrible to come and wrench my heart once again while I speak meek prayers of "Jesus help me."  Who is this scared tired girl inside of me?  This is not the bold women of faith that God has called me to be.  If my friend was dying or suffering I would plead and beg on her behalf, but for myself I have curled into fetal position and waited for my demise.  Rise up dead spirit and pray to the Lord who is alive and gives you strength!! I rebuke fear and death in the name of Jesus!  There is power in the name of the Lord that forces the enemy to flee.  I rebuke the enemy and all his work in our lives!

Today I am petitioning to the Lord with a prayer of hope and joy.  I am asking for you to join me in faith and ask for the impossible.  Jesus says we can ask of Him anything we need...Anything!  I pray while believing that Jesus will restore the beating heart of our child, along with growth in his body.  That when we go for our dnc on Monday, the ultrasound prior will show a healthy miraculous baby full of life!  There is nothing God cannot do and we believe in His powerful healing.  As He raises dead to life, I command this baby to live, grow, and thrive.  Please say this prayer for us with boldness, I am learning daily that my meek prayers don't avail to much.  James 5:16 says that if we confess our sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed..The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.  POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE!!

I confess my lack of faith, and my poor response.  I confess to you that I have not been the witness that God has called me to be and that I have chose to not believe Him.  I confess that its easy to love God in times of goodness but not so much in times of trial.  I also confess that I have been in self pity and allowed the enemy to rejoice over my lack of joy.  I have chose to be without comfort and without hope.

For this child, I ask for your friendship and partnership in my battle.  While I fight for myself please also let me me fight for you as well...leave your prayer requests and I will pray without ceasing.