Saturday, March 5, 2011

8dp3dt...Believing we are 3 weeks pregnant

Today is Saturday and I'm bunking out on the couch once again.  My butt seems to think something is going terribly haywire when I get up to move...she is so used to being in a "resting state" that she becomes heavy and sways from side to side when I walk :)

I have felt pretty good mentally, emotionally stable at the moment also, but physically have had some new discoveries.  On Wednesday (5dp3dt)  I had started some menstrual type cramping that came and went all day and into the night.  Thursday I had the same but not so extreme, kind of like a dull ache low in my abdomen.  I searched online and of course found tons of women that are exactly where I am with the same symptoms so I relaxed a little.  Yesterday was good til evening time when I started to have a "sour tummy," I felt pretty nauseous here and there, after I ate a salad it settled down and felt fine.  I got out in the afternoon and drove to Ft Wayne with dh to get out of the house for a bit.  After a late movie back at home, I took one last trip to the bathroom and had brown spotting.

I had prayed for spotting as a sign of implantation for so many women report having it especially if they are on heparin like me.  I wanted an outward sign to meet up with the things I am feeling in my heart.  I was so pleased to get it...dh on the other hand is a little nervous and cautious.  I dreamed of starting my period which sent me into a bit of a panic this morning, but when I went potty, things were the same...Lt brown and very little.  I called the nurse to let her know and she said it was ok...but if it turned red then to call her.  Now we are praying all spotting glad the Lord can put up with all my requests.

So today I am back to doing nothing and taking it easy.  Good thing is I just know I'm pregnant!  I've been practicing "Faith Statements" during the day, like stating and proclaiming things in Jesus' name.  For instance I say, "My babies are growing and thriving with the protection of the Jesus' name!" and I'm choosing to believe it.  I am asking God to increase my faith so I can believe the unseen and trust the invisible.  I just know that this is a time of favor for us.  I tried to picture myself not pregnant the other day and prepare myself for negative news and I simply couldn't...I physically and mentally couldn't picture it, it was as if saying what already is never was.  It didn't make sense! 

For those praying for us, please continue...
Ilana was praying before bed and her request to the Lord was, "please don't let our babies die..."  Bless the prayer of such a sweet girl. 

On the farm front we have Dane & Neo puppies to sell, vaccine, and spoil before they leave next week or so.  Mia's Neo puppies are nearly 20 lbs at 6 weeks (pic for your enjoyment)  We desperately need to spend some time on Neo advertising.  We quickly became well known Great Dane breeders but the Neo community is a little tougher to crack.  We used the best stud around so we are hoping our program takes off soon. 

OK, seriously...have you ever seen anything cuter?? 

Today Tanner and I spent some time together talking... that doesn't happen often with his busy schedule of school, work, and girlfriend.  It hit as a reality that he will be 18 in 3 months...please remember that in your prayers as well.  He still has a year of high school left and we want him to make wise decisions.

Thanks for checking in on me and reading my you all!

8dp3dt Symptoms:
tired (could be pio shots)
lower back pain
brown spotting
increased libido (silly but true)
menstrual type cramping
tender chest (could be from pio shots)