Thursday, February 3, 2011

Something about His name.

As I was putting Ilana to bed a few nights ago, she was inquisitive as always.  Asking questions at bedtime is a way for her to obtain tons of knowledge and also buy her some time before lights out.  She always tends to say, "Mommy, can we talk?" and then its 101 questions.  So this night, I of course had no reason to not hangout and said, "sure, we can talk.  What would you like to talk about?"  Recently I have talked to Ilana about the power of Jesus' name, and how whenever she is scared or lonely all she has to do is same His name and something powerful happens.  I love her childlike heart and how she fully believes this to be true and it reminds me how often I don't believe so sincerely. 

As we were wrapping up our chat for the night, I turned off the lights and slowly headed downstairs.  She tends to stop me on the first, second, and third step out the door.  As I ventured out, I heard her say, "Jesus" out loud.  She expected me to say it back as I could hear in her anticipated tone.  I replied, "Jesus" and then I heard her little giggle fill her room.  She yells again as I'm walking down the stairs..."there's just something about His name isn't there?"  I could picture the smile on her face as she spoke.  I said, "yes sweetie, there sure is!" 

What a great way to tuck her in...she picked right up on the truth that we as adults have forgotten or failed to believe fully.  I hope that I can start living my life in a way that no fear can reside in me because a simple word, "Jesus" is attached to my every fiber.

Tucking you all in tonight...Hugs, kisses, and "Jesus" to you!