Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pow wow at the nail salon...

Last night was restless, not much sleep has been had since we arrived.  Logan sometimes calls our hotel the "Roach motel" so we tend to sleep with one eye open.  Our room has a slightly weird smell that almost sticks to the walls.  Our own clutter also makes it seem even more putrid but as you hang out here, the more you just start to become one with the filth  :)

We woke this morning to run over to Dr S's office to pick up last minute meds that we had to reorder.  As of now I have taken over 1300 pills and 21 injections in my belly.  The shots are getting a little harder, as I'm running out of room.  Each shot needs to be taken a inch away from your belly button and the prick holes are very noticeable.  My belly is tender and bruised but I suppose battle scars are always good to have :) We heard from a friend of Faith N Fertility today via facebook.  She had an ultrasound today at 11:30, so we picked up our meds around the time she would be there hoping to bump into her.  As soon as we walked in we caught glimpses of each other from across the room, we have never met face to face but we instantly knew who each other was.  After hugs and smiles, we greeted each other with much love.  Its priceless to know and speak with other women who know how you feel and what you are going through.

We brought the Dr some rich chocolate cupcake balls for a snack and called them "Hoosier Balls,"  he thought they were great and chatted about his "Indy girls." We then headed to some relaxation time at the Fashion Nails & Spa.  Our FnF friend let us know that they had great pedicures for $20.  We thought this would be great time to do something for ourselves.  We pulled in the parking space and soon met up with another FnF friend who joined us at the spa to introduce herself.  After exchanging hugs and instant connections, we went on to sit in the massage chairs & put our feet in the water.  The oriental business was fairly quiet and reserved but after the 3 of us hooping & hollering about our upcoming adventure, the whole place turned into a zoo.  The 2 girls in the chair next to Logan became instant friends who exchanged numbers before they left...the technician, Tina, was our little side kick for the visit.  We met up with the owner of the spa who gave us a 15% discount on our services and offered to work out a deal for all FnF friends that we sent his way.  It was a neat experience which resulted in many new friends.

We did some random shopping and headed back to the hotel to eat chili with our hotel neighbors.  I got a call from Ilana tonight who was not feeling so well.  She misses me terribly and has also caught a cold.  Her scratchy little voice told me that tonight her "head was heavy," which means that she is so sad she cant hold her head up...poor sweetie.  I spoke truth into her telling her how very much I loved and missed her and how special she is to me..she was still sulky til I told her I was sending her some gifts in the mail.  I love buying for her as she is so overjoyed with things like silly straws and bubbles :)

We ate dinner and came back to our room exhausted.  Our neighbors are super sweet and great company but I don't think we have stopped running since we got here.  It hit us very heavy tonight.  I have an ultrasound and lab work done first thing tomorrow then back to bed for me.  After talking with my family tonight and being sad, I became drained. I need a day to rest. Ivf is so stressful and with the drugs, the running, and the absence of my family, I am really feeling it tonight.  I am praying for the Lord to draw nearer to me...He has brought me here for a reason and I want to spend lots of time with Him, listening and obeying.  I'm reconnecting closer to Him tonight for without Him I cant do anything.  I'm so thankful He is so willing to minister to me.

I'm praying for all of you as well...I know the Lord will bless you for the way you love me and my family!

I'll post ultrasound results tomorrow,
Love from Missouri,