Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feeling good and ready for babies!

Hi everyone!
I am so sorry I have not kept up on my promise of keeping everyone posted daily about our stay in Missouri and our IVF. We have, needless to say, been sick, busy, and very tired.

I can just say that I have had the time of my life with Logan!  Even though we have been miserable 90% of the time due to nausea, diarrhea/constipation, crampings..etc.  We have laughed louder and cried harder then ever.  Having her to share this experience with was ordained..I have been truly blessed.  This, along with all the new friends that we have met here, makes this whole trip a reward for a lifetime.

Our husbands got here a few days ago...the first day was a little unnerved.  We had to pack up our shared room and move to 2 separate rooms.  Our energy level was very low so it was so hard on us to pack and gather all our stuff.  This hotel has been the worst stay I have stayed anywhere, although their staff is rather patient and accommodating..that's hard to trump some things that have happened.  Early Sunday someone decided to get high across the hall from us.  Assuming their bathroom vent didn't work like ours, it just poured out into the hall and into our room.  An hour later the cops were still doing searches.  Its beyond crazy here...somewhat comical but kinda hard to handle when our top orders were not to be stressed out.

On Sunday night I took my HCG trigger shot, which basically breaks my eggs of their stalks in the follicles and lets them float freely inside.  36 hours later we would have them retrieved...that was this morning at 8am.  We were hoping for 25 eggs, then assuming that 50% of them will be mature that would give us around 14 to work with.  I did very well in surgery, the last thing I remember was sitting on the table and feeling the medicine enter my body..I said, "oh, I feel that!  Let me think of something funny to say before I pass out :) "  Then that was it...lol  I woke up in a recovery area and Chad was there.  I was pretty crampy but got a prescription to help ease the discomfort.

Before I went into surgery I was getting my iv in when I could hear Logan in the other room.  She was the patient before me and I was so excited to see how many eggs that they retrieved from her.  She was so sweet and a lil loopy :)  She was extra talkative and charmed all the staff by spreading her love around :)
We were so happy to hear she had 40 eggs!!  I knew she would be hard to beat but I am proud to say we did our best and have 31 eggs ourselves.  For being over the age of 35 I thought that it was such a good number for us and actually higher then I anticipated. 

I praise God for all He is doing.  He has been so close and intimate with me.  A few nights ago He gave me a new spiritual gift..its beyond all I could have ever asked for.  He is so generous and fulfilling for me.  It truly was a miracle.  He has such a gentleman's way of loving on you and coming so quickly to your aid.  He rushed in our room on Saturday night like 10,000 soldiers and poured out on us so abundantly.  Thank you Lord for always displaying your hope to me and for leading me so personally!

Tomorrow I will find out how many of our eggs are mature and how many we can fertilize.  Friday morning will be our transfer of 2 embryos assuming everything goes well..  Thank you for all the prayers that are being said, we love you all and pray that the Lord blesses you for your kindness!