Monday, December 27, 2010

Our ectopic pregnancy videos...4 total

I am uploading the videos that were taken the day we found out our baby was ectopic.  Even though I am a pretty "open" person with my feeling, thoughts, and ideas dosent mean that its easy to do so.  I am sharing this with the verse in mind that commands us to tell others what God has done in our lives.  Hopefully it will bridge the gap for those who dont understand the pains of infertility and miscarriage and be somewhat of a cushion to those who has experienced it themselves, showing them they are not alone.  There are 4 videos that transpired that day...the first was in the parking lot of the doctors office as we are nervous about our 7 week ultrasound, the 2nd video we are in the examination room and waiting for the dr to come in, the 3rd is a short u/s video where the doctor apparently sees something is wrong, and the 4th is at the Imaging Diagnostic Center to comfirm that our baby is indeed ectopic.  Please journey with us lightly for I dont watch these even is a reminder of the day our baby died.