Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brace Yourselves

  This has been the most overwhelming and intense week for me and my family.  We have fought strongly against the ridicule of the devil coming from so many avenues.  I have decided with all my heart that he just uses people around us as tools to do his bidding.  My overall conclusion is that our victory is very close and that is why the battleground seems bloodier.  The Lord has prepared me for such a time as this although I can still be overwhelmed and have feelings of defeat, I know deeply that the Lord has already won!

  The ultimate passion of having more children and raising my family is to teach them to love the Lord with all their heart, mind, and strength.  Teaching them to fear the Lord more then fearing man or even fear itself is vital.  To fear the Lord is the only way to acquire true wisdom, which can apply us and enable us to live effective lives.  The children we raise will be equipped to have full opportunity of living in Gods abundance because we will show them how to rely upon Him.  In the beginning I just wanted to have a baby, after time I have realized that I want to train and teach another of Gods creation, to treat Him as the Creator of the world.  To give the lord honor and glory is a great privilege and this week He has reminded me of that.

  I am assuming that as the time draws near for us to carry new life, the enemies of God will gather against us.  I have heard this week alone many slanders against our future plans.  I have pity on such people who take time our of their unproductive days to waste energy on us.  I pray for them to be prepared for we do not avenge ourselves but our defender is the Most High.  I contemplated of going into hiding and become a person of solitude, to avoid people reactions.  Then I remembered the Lord Jesus and how He carried on faithfully telling the truth and loving people much more then they loved Him.

  Silence has never come easy to me and so I will speak for the Lord and what great things He is doing in our lives regardless of the enemies attempts to quiet me.  Those who spew hatred about my family due to our past, IVF, or our radical love we have for the Lord who saved us...we are praying for your hearts to be soft and your tongues to be encouraging.

  To the enemies of God who is who we truly fight against...Brace yourselves!