Monday, November 15, 2010

(Journal 9/18)

...."If I could stand by a sign that was labeled with my need, my sign would say FAITH.  I know who faith is, but it seems the intensity of faith that I possess is insufficient to fulfill the order needed now.  I'm low on funds, even though my account is full.  Ive had an extended account attach itself to my personal one...and its empty, waiting to be filled.  It seems the task now is to top off that compartment but I am lacking the filler.  I have doubt in my heart.  I cant pinpoint it, it seems so complex. Lord, I know your so big, sufficient, and loving.  I know you sustain me and that its all for your glory but even though I know all this, why does it feel as though I don't believe it fully?  Ive trusted you, gave you praise, and loved you, not perfectly of course but I have been yours.  A new place is where I go with you.  I want a newness with you.  Help me LORD to focus, be steadfast and loyal, to understand and to give you glory in all joy and pain.  Teach me to be a witness and to hear you.  Teach me to pray in abundance.  Cast your bounty upon my head O Lord, anoint me with your tenderness once more.  You are my covenant keeper, my most trusted confidant and friend.  Give me strength in your gift of long suffering, help me to endure trouble without complaint.  Free me from myself and bring me close to your side Lord, hem me in near to you.  This I pray through the name of power, Jesus Christ.  Today I beseech you Lord through voice to rescue me.

"Because he loves me, "says the LORD, "I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name..."