Thursday, October 28, 2010

Refreshed, Revived, yet stinking Tired!

  The last few 8 weeks have been an incredible madness in itself.  We lost our baby on Sept 1, a week later was back in our Dr office for a checkup.  I was totally offended by the flaky comment the Dr made as we entered for our post-op inspection, "Are you ready to come back?  O, by the way, you don't have another ectopic pregnancy in there do you???"  He actually laughed when he displayed his sarcastic humor.  I wasn't impressed.  We have since left him as you may have guessed...and so our journey continues. 

  We went through tons of God time, God "shifts"  (where our way of thinking gets stretched and tested) and God discipline.  It was as though he took us to a new plane of faith, trust, and belief.  He breathed life back into us and set us up strong.  He reminded us of His promises for our future, and showed us Him all around, making it hard to even slightly deny His workings in all of this.  He did the ol R&R on us...refresh and revive!
Boy life is so much better when you have the Lord!!

  Today I sit here very tired as I look back on everything that has happened.  It seems as though it was years ago when Thaddy left us. Tonight as I saw it had only been 2 months it explained why it still hurts so badly.  We drove home from town this afternoon and I felt the rush of great sadness.  I remembered that since I "almost" was 15 weeks pregnant today that I surely would be feeling Thaddy move around inside of me.   My heart longs for what I have lost but is steadfast in claiming the gifts soon to come.

  Logan, my bestie, and I are pursuing the same path...same Dr., same lab, same procedure, on the same day!!  I surely am exhausted with all our happening but am estactic to say the least for whats next! I cant wait to tell you what we are up to :)